How to join JV CHILL

Want to be a member of JV CHILL, a group of middle school students in the 7th and 8th grade, who work to promote "positive choices for youth"?


JV CHILL is the group for YOU!


What is JV CHILL?

  • JV CHILL is the middle school part of the CHILL organization. Middle school students in JV CHILL will be mentored by JV CHILL coordinators and CHILL members to become leaders in their school and communities and to promote "positive choices for youth."

Who CHILL is...

  • CHILL is a youth task force comprised of high school students from Martinsville and Henry County, Virginia. CHILL stands for "Communities Helping Improve Local Lives." CHILL members represent all of the public and private high schools in the area. 

Mission Statement:

As CHILL members, we desire to make positive choices in our own lives, realizing that the underage use of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs can impair us from reaching our goals in life. In addition, we care about the health and safety of our peers and want to communicate to our community the issues concerning youth.


As JV CHILL members, you must believe in those statements and be committed to standing up for them and being leaders and role models for positive choices.


Applicant Requirements:
  • Must be a rising 7th or 8th grade student
  • Must have and maintain "C" or above grade average
  • Must be alcohol, tobacco, and other drug free
  • Must have no out of school suspensions for the present school year
  • Must agree to attend a one-day training summit to complete acceptance
  • Must agree to attend monthly meetings and participate in CHILL activities
CHILL is looking for JV CHILL members who:
  • Strive to be a good role model for others
  • Demonstrate leadership skills (honest, dependable, respectful, creative, accepting of others, etc)
  • Make positive lifestyle choices (avoiding risky behaviors)
  • Desire to make a difference in their school and community
  • Attend monthly meetings and other JV CHILL activities unless you have an acceptable excuse

When can I apply?

  • Applications are available in the guidance office or main office during the application process time. Check with your guidance or main office for more information. 

What do I do?

  • The application directions will be included in the packet. Fill out the application, and accept the contract requirements (including parent/guardian permission).

When will I hear?

  • Because there are usually more applicants than available spots open in JV CHILL, there is a selection process. JV CHILL prospects will be sent a letter within 7-10 days after the application deadline, letting them know whether or not they have been accepted in JV CHILL.