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Be Proud

YOU are the reason CHILL is still going strong! Thanks for such a fantastic legacy!

  • Over 900 youth trained in ATOD prevention and leadership skills
  • ATOD use lowered
  • Area youth feel valued
  • Area organizations adding youth boards or youth on their board
  • JV CHILL started in area middle schools                                         
  • CHILL is in its 4th year in Franklin County, VA

CHILL Partner Board Developed...

11 local community leaders have come together to keep CHILL funded. Our DFC grant has timed out. The only way to keep CHILL for now and the future is with funding from foundations, charities, and individuals.


CHILL Alumni meeting together for the first 

time: Front row: Alison Hudson, Lindsey

Bryant, Katie Connelly, Kiara Toney,

Kara Winikur. Back row: Gemal Seay,

Daniel Warren, Camry Harris, and Cody



P.S....Katie misses you...please connect by email or phone and let's have lunch when you are in town!

276-340-9186    kconnelly@piedmontcsb.org